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Indigenous Leaders of the Future Meet & Greet

Last term the ILF students had the privilege of hanging out with people from other schools at the Shrangri-La for a day of learning, sharing and fun. We did a lot of activities that involved getting to know each other and got to know what made them deadly. Throughout the day we learnt about some inspiring Indigenous people who have impacted our culture today! While having lunch we had the chance to learn more about each other. We learnt a handshake that they teach ILF students every year, it’s deadly. We also learnt about self-confidence and to not be a follower, be a leader, be proud to be yourself and don’t allow yourself to be put down by others. Unfortunately, as the day drew to a close, we said our goodbyes. Very inspirational!
Bella- Jae Austrai- Ombiga
Indigenous Leaders of the Future, Meet and Greet Day
First, the Indigenous Leaders of the Future travelled on the TNLA bus to Shangri-la hotel, the Pier. When we got there we were greeted by the friendly ILF team. We discussed the Significance of Eddie Mabo and the referendum. The referendum was about how Indigenous Australians should be recognised in the Constitution as the first people of Australia. Although we aren't allowed to vote (because we are under the age of 18) this is still important. We can use this information in the future as well as educating others about this topic. This is important because as Indigenous Leaders we need to be honest, inform others about our unique culture and lead the right way in our path through leadership.
Then we discussed NAIDOC and the theme of “Our Language Matters”. We talked about how important it is that we learn, pass on and appreciate the language of indigenous people. The language of indigenous Australians is unique and special but quickly fading so we need to preserve it and inform others.
Next, we had a quick morning tea and went straight back to learning. We had a guest speaker who talked about how important it is that as indigenous people we have to have a quality education. Having a quality education ensures that we can be have a successful life and live happily.
After, we had lunch and got to socialise with other students from different schools. This was a great opportunity for all of us because we got to learn from other students as well as getting a snapshot of what other schools and communities are like.
Next we were with Mr Peckham, who was a teacher at Redlynch State College. We each chose a quote that we think reflected our leadership style or that we agreed with. Then we discussed what the quote meant and why we chose it.
Overall we had a wonderful time and learned heaps about our culture, leadership and as well as National matters. We are all very grateful of this wonderful opportunity and this experience has helped us become better leaders. We all look forward to the next ILF event: “Sharing our Success”.
Thank you to: Semara , Semara , Auntie Kerry, Mr Peckham, the ILT graduates, Ms Barton, all the parents for their support and all the other  great people who made this wonderful opportunity happen!
By Ocean  and Bella -Indigenous Leaders of the Future